Divorce rates on the increase


The Office for National Statistics have recently published their figures for divorce rates in England and Wales and, after a number of declining years, they have increased.

In total, there were just over 107,000 divorces in 2016 of which 112 were between same sex couples (only the second year that these figures have been available since the introduction of marriages of same-sex couples in March 2014.)

The figures do not include couples who separate but do not divorce.

The figures show:

  • Unreasonable behaviour has remained as the most common reason for couples divorcing


  • The average age of divorcees rose to 46 for men and 44 for women


  • The average length of marriages ending in divorce was 12 years last year – a figure which, in the main, has been steadily rising over the years


  • The rates for the over 55’s divorcing saw double digit percentage rises compared with 2015 – over 13,000 for women and over 19,000 for men

These are interesting statistics. There is a general trend that marriages are lasting slightly longer and the ages of couple getting divorced are increasing.

This is important because, in theory, the longer you have been married and the older you are may mean that you will have built up more financial assets eg. home ownership and pension pots.

It is therefore essential that you receive the right advice, not just about the divorce itself and the division of financial assets, but also in relation to what happens afterwards. This is where updating your Will following a divorce is very important to allow you to ensure your money is left to exactly whom you want.

If you require any advice about a divorce, relationship breakdown or about updating your Will contact our Family Law specialist, Helen Starmer of our Wills specialist, Carolyn Monaghan.

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