Mediation - FAQ

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Mediation aims to:

  • Resolve unhappy situations in a non-hostile manner
  • Enable all parties involved to communicate in a safe and secure environment
  • Keep communication channels open
  • Reduce tension and hostility
  • Reduce costs by avoiding what could be expensive court battles 
  • Help you make informed decisions which are right for you
  • Help children, who see parents working together

We can arrange family mediation for you as we believe that court action should be the last resort and that all other dispute resolution methods should be considered first.



MIAMS is short for Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting. You will find out more about the mediation process at this meeting and will be informed if mediation is suitable depending on your circumstances.


Every family's requirements are different, but mediation can remedy disputes between parents and grandparents regarding contact with grandchildren, financial issues and children disputes between couples. It can also include helping parties to reach decisions regarding pre and post nuptial agreements.
Mediation takes place once parties have concluded that their relationship is over, it is not about apportioning blame or reflecting on the past but about moving forward independently.

It is a future focussed process, helping you to make decisions regarding the children, finances and other matters after separation.
Each session will usually last an hour or 1.5 hours and there will generally be a minimum of 4 sessions to help parties reach an agreement. The frequency and number of sessions will depend on the complexity of the matters being discussed and the co-operation of both parties. At the mediation, the mediator can give a clear idea as to how many meetings will be required.


Mediation agreements are not legally binding but you can take the agreement to your solicitor for the agreement to be drawn up and become legally binding.
Mediation is not as expensive as you might think. Contact us to discuss how mediation pricing works.


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