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This depends upon your individual financial circumstances, but if you have assets (including property) over £23,250 then you will have to pay your full cost of care.
If you have between £14,250 and £23,250 in capital then you will have to make a contribution.

If you have less than £14,250 then you will pay nothing from your capital but will still have to make a contribution from your income. If you own your own home and this is your only significant asset then your spouse will be able to stay living in it but the Local Authority will take a charge over it (a secured loan) to cover your care fees which will be re-paid when the property is eventually sold.
For most people their main asset is their home and they wish to protect it for their children’s inheritance. It's increasingly common for people to transfer their home into their children’s names in the mistaken belief that this will avoid them having to pay future care home fees.

If you do this your local authority can say you have deliberately deprived yourself of an asset and either refuse to pay, or pay and seek a charge (a secured loan) on the property which would have to be re-paid when the property was sold. The potential solution to this problem is through a property trust in your will, which can be used if you have a jointly owned property.
We offer fixed prices, wherever possible, for your peace of mind.
This price includes a  home visit (subject to distance) to discuss your requirements, but exclude VAT.

Mirror wills (for couples) with property trusts | £375 +VAT


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