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Making a Will

When you make a will, you can make clear who should be responsible for arranging your funeral and sorting out your property.  You can make gifts of cash or personal items to family, friends or charities.  You can make arrangements for your chosen person to look after your children or pets, and make sure your money can be used for their care.  If you have children from a previous marriage, you can make sure your current spouse is looked after but also make sure that your children will get something too.


If you don't leave a will, your estate passes under rules set by the legal system, called the Intestacy Rules.  These rules are very limited - they don't allow your jewellery to go to your daughter, or your cat to go to your best friend.  Depending on your family tree, someone you barely know could end up with everything you have to leave.


It can feel daunting to make a will, but at Pudsey Legal we will put you at ease, carefully discuss your circumstances and advise you how you can use your will to benefit the people and/or charities that are closest to your heart.